Accident At Work – Steps To Take

work place injury

You are entitled to get the workers compensation if you get injured in your work site. A worker compensation is required as per the state law. Every employer should have the insurance coverage for their employees. Attorneys like Mickle & Bass says that if an employer does not have a worker’s compensation insurance, then the law can take actions against them. There are some steps you need to take if you met with an accident during your work. Below given are the steps.

As per, you will have to report the accident within the time mentioned in the state law. Some law states that you will have to report the accident with 24 hours while some other law suggests reporting it within 12 hours. Even if you are injured or not, you are supposed to report the accident. After your reporting, the employers can make additional safety measures so that no one else gets involved in such type of accident again. If the employer does not take any safety measures, the law can sue the company by human rights law.

It is a rule that the employers should have the worker’s compensation insurance before they start any work. It is the responsibility of the person who is giving work to the company to check whether they have valid worker’s compensation insurance available. The worker can get the compensation even if the injury has been caused by their own mistake. However, in instances like the employee has taken drugs and caused injury, then there is no need to give the compensation to the employee. Because of this, many employers ask their employees to pass a drug test.

Immediately after getting injured, you must see a doctor. Sometimes the injury may be minor from outside but may have a huge impact internally. If you are not happy with the doctor service provided by your employer, you have the right to ask for another doctor. If you are not satisfied with the doctor, you can go ahead and consult a doctor of your choice. However, worker’s compensation will not provide you with the consultation fee or any other fee if you select a doctor of your choice. Since your health is important, you are advised to consult a doctor by paying from your pocket.

The employer can file a claim with the insurance company for you. It is important that you let them know that you are injured in the accident at work so that the worker’s compensation claim can start processing. The first thing you need to do is to inform your employer about the injury. Check with the employer whether they have filed the worker’s compensation claim. If they have filed the claim, then ask for the copy of it so that you can have the proof that the claim has been applied for. If you feel that even after taking the correct steps, the claim is not settled, then you have the right to consult an attorney who can help you in getting the claim.